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Reminds me of an old jet pack game...

This reminds me of the old DOS game "Jetpack". The design looks similar, although the definition is definitely better.

Unfortunately, unlike Jetpack there is a severe lack of eggs, robots, and bat enemies. Not to mention no create level mode.

vartagh responds:

Steapacks are much older than jetpacks,, you should know ;) hahaha
anyway i hope to be able in the next chapter of the series to add some level editor feature!! :)


The player in the middle is invincible in an all air battle.

My airplanes don't even fire until they pass their bases

(Plus they have like infinite energy, they are outproducing both me and the enemy on the other side without trying)

Plus it lags like a bitch.

All other battles are fine, all air battles with 3 teams SUCK


How is their 20,000,000 people by 2020...

that's in 10 years

Their are 6,697,254,041 people estimated today

Absence of Hotkeys...

Really pisses my fingers off...

Other than that, I like it. Needs many more levels and balanced to deal with hotkeys


I remember learning how to do this in first level flash!

...No color her naked option???

heglys responds:

it's for kids, I will not put a naked option on it...


Other than sending your message of being sick of mario clones, what does the clones actually add to the gameplay? Are they there just for your own satirical enjoyment? ...That seems to make this less of a game and more your own personal message.

Is there some later level where you need the clones in specific locations to activate multiple switches or something at the same time?

Yes, the boobies are distracting...

That was on purpose wasn't it?

To draw attentioin away from the fast changing field...

One main problem...

The one problem I had was during the fight with nightmare, and as soon as the character wakes up, Their sprite vanishes and doesn't return until I get the character killed.

If you can solve that problem, it's a pretty entertaining game.

Defeating the nightmare without being able to see my character was kinda annoying.

Turtles, shot out of cannons!?!? Barbaric...

I have to say, the first time I played this game, I was FURIOUS about a sweet, innocent, beautiful creature such as a turtle being thrown into such BARBARIC circumstances...

However, after playing it FOR HOURS, I realized it was a quite enjoyable game...

It's not like the little digital turtle is really harmed anyway, he always walks away at the end seemingly unscathed...In the exception you don't hit something spikey


Well, I already rated this at armorgames, but this showed up here as well.

First of all, in the final dungeon with the dragon, if you are backed against the wall I don't think the dragon can actually hit you.

It was either that or the heath regenerating charm I had equipped (But it says "Regenerates health slowly" so he must not be dealing very much damage)

It's actually a good strategy if someone is having problems in it.


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